Aune history

Aune is the brand of the largest Chinese audio technology community HIFIDIY.NET (2004-2014), which had ten years of histroy In the past ten years, they have accumulated a large number of excellent designs. High performance and high quality is aune’s pursuit, it is our first time to coming into Europe, hoping aune products can bring you happiness!

Aune Audio, a Chinese audio brand, has taken the audio world by storm with its highly durable and pocket-friendly audio devices. Hi-Res audio players are specially designed to produce high-resolution sound through your high impedance headphones and earphones. TechnoVolume brings to you the best Aune Audio Hi-Res audio players, at the best prices online. These audio players feature DSD technology, stable power supply, HiFi components, and more. Aune Audio is an audiophile grade audio player that converts digital audio into a high resolution analog sound. We have a wide range of Hi-Res audio players that fit every buyer’s need and budget, from the best brands across the world. Plug in and enjoy a louder and better music experience with sound clarity that makes you feel like you’re in a studio. Buy the best Aune Audio Hi-Res audio player from TechnoVolume at the most affordable prices.

Aune Audio Europe is official EU Netherlands distributor for Aune. Our products are distinguished in the absolute sense in pure sound quality and finish and thus fit into our philosophy. The brands on this website like Aune Audio had chosen to sell there products not through a dealer network but to have only one sole distributor and direct salespoint.

Aune Wuhan AO LAI ER Technology company is one of China’s first dedicated high-quality digital audio company, it is a development and manufacture of integrated enterprise, with high-end design team unity, excellent operational management team. Full of scientific and technological innovation mission, we are constantly exploring different solutions in the high-quality digital audio field.

Aune are not only the first launched mastering digital audio player in China, launched its supporting 32bit/192kHz advanced decoder and peripheral products, but also supporting the development of personal computers around the traditional audio equipment, developed a high-quality USB decoder and the traditional CD turntable.

In addition to the innovation of R&D, from operations to customer service, from product manufacturing to the user manual, every detail, Aune pursue excellence. Brand firmly believe that the “pursuit of perfection” is endless. Meanwhile, Aune company’s HIFIDIY.NET as the sound field to focus on portal – since 2004 to become the largest Chinese audio site and community, with nearly 1,00,00,00 members. It is the foundation of Aune brand rooted, making Aune brand has extensive influence in the Chinese community, received numerous accolades.