Real good Schiit! In the field of audio, specifically Amps and DACS, a new player came into the market in 2010. And within the short span of half a decade, USA-made gained viral recognition for their well designed, outrageously well performing albeit fairly priced products. Company believes they are built to last a lifetime and can be passed on to generations. So a lot of its products, like the Bifrost are fully modular and upgrade-able.

What we love about Schiit is that even after all these years, they choose not to have a specific corporate office. Their facility is a pure production floor, with everything happening right there! We also admire their pricing policy: they don’t believe in sales, deals, or other offers. What we most love about Schiit of course is the tons and tons of Schiit puns!

Also, feeling like Thor while transcending the universe to Asgard through the Bifrost, while wielding the Mjolnir. Go forth and get this Schiit, Valhalla awaits.

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