STAX was found in 1938. In 1959, They developed the world’s first electrostatic headphone and introduced SR-1 in 1960. Today They continues their tradition by offering the finest headphones for both professional and audiophile applications. Company prefers to all its headphones “EARSPEAKERS”; such Ultra-High Fidelity devices for reproducing music can only be compared with the best cost-no-object loudspeakers, not other headphones. The term ”EARSPEAKER” is, therefore, more descriptive of STAX’s contribution to today’s most advanced level of sonic transduction.

Best headphones in the world?

STAX has successfully come to be known as the most well renowned audio brand for producing the world’s first electrostatic headphones and amplifiers. Company prefers making its headphones knowns as ‘Earspeakers’ and its amplifiers as ‘Drivers’ as they produce audio output like never before.

If you want to hear your music with the utmost clarity, Stax electrostatic headphones are the way to go, and their SR-L500 ($700, £545) would be a great place to start. Trust me on this, if you’ve never heard an electrostatic headphone you’ll be in for a shock! The sound is dramatically clearer than any conventional headphones you ever heard. Stax has been designing and building electrostatic headphones in Japan since 1960.

Electrostatic headphones use a completely different technology than what you’ll find in any Beats, Bose, Beyerdynamic, Grado, Sennheiser or Sony headphone that uses “dynamic” drivers that look like miniature speaker drivers. Electrostatic drivers have an ultra-thin electrically charged diaphragm suspended between two perforated metal plates (electrodes). When the sound signal is applied to the electrodes, the diaphragm moves between the two electrodes, producing sound. Electrostatic headphones produce lower distortion and cleaner sound than dynamic headphones.

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