SteelSeries is a Danish manufacturer of gaming peripherals and accessories, including headsets, keyboards, mice, and gaming surfaces.

Company was founded in 2001 by Jacob Wolff-Petersen.[1] The company’s original name was Soft Trading, and it was changed to SteelSeries in 2007.Soft Trading made the Icemat and SteelPad mouse mats, the latter of which influenced the company’s eventual name change. In 2008, Company acquired Ideazon, a North American-based developer and manufacturer of gaming peripherals.

Michael von Essen-Mueller, the company’s first CEO helped the company establish its brand and grow to a global footprint. In 2007, SteelSeries hired Bruce Hawver as CEO. The company saw tremendous growth over the next five years as it expanded its portfolio and channels, developed the SteelSeries Engine platform, and added partnerships across the e-sports and the gaming ecosystem.

Designers hand-pick every material to make sure you have a beautiful product and engineers test every feature, ensuring tournament-ready quality. Every button, switch, material, and key is designed with the gamer’s every move in mind.

Since 2001, SteelSeries has been a driving force of esports and professional gaming. From sponsoring the first pro players, to creating products specifically for pro teams, to turning exceptional gamers into global superstars, SteelSeries has been focused on growing the industry and helping gamers everywhere. Our pro team relationships are more than sponsorships, they are partnerships. We work closely with the world’s best gamers to fine-tune our products and to ensure everything we create meets the needs of gamers at every level. Whether it’s Evil Geniuses winning $6.6 million at The International 5 using all SteelSeries gear, or giving you the tools to step up your own game, esports is at the heart of everything we do.

They supports a number of electronic sports teams and individuals through sponsorships and community support. Sponsored teams include Evil Geniuses, Vitality, EDward Gaming, Alliance, among others.

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