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Best Mini Hi-Fi Systems for sale 2019

It used to be the case that “mini hi-fi” meant less than full-size “hi-fi separates”(Mini Hi-Fi Systems), but several respected manufacturers have created mini-sized separates to offer proper hi-fi performance from a small footprint. This section also includes mini hi-fi separates, designed to be matched together with suitable speakers.

TechnoVolume corralled five mini hi-fi systems with a range of format options and tested each in a listening room. We assessed them for ease of set-up, format compatibility, design, build quality and sonic performance. Mini systems provide a convenient alternative to full-size components. CD is still the most prevalent audio storage format, but hi-resolution downloads, streaming services and vinyl are all growing in popularity.

Looking for something a little more serious? Check out our larger hi-fi systems. We also sell hi-fi separates and can recommend a matching system to include amplifier, CD player, turntable and streamer.

A Mini Hi-Fi Systems consists of a compact unit, known as a receiver, which includes a pre amp, power amp and range of audio sources in one product. This means that all is required to start enjoying your music from one of these systems is a connection to the mains power supply and a pair of speakers connected via speaker cable. Most Mini Hi-Fi Systems will feature a CD player, letting you enjoy your favourite compact discs. Other functions typically offered include FM and/or DAB digital radio. Most of these systems offer an internal headphone amplifier, which lets you listen to your music using headphones rather than the speakers, which is ideal for late night listening sessions or if you don’t want to disturb anyone.

Some systems include Bluetooth functionality, enabling you to wirelessly send music or content from any Bluetooth-enabled device to your Mini Hi-Fi Systems. Most systems will also offer a range of inputs allowing for the connection of multimedia devices such as smartphones, laptops and portable audio devices. These inputs are typically line-in 3.5mm minijack connections, although some systems allow for a USB input, which also offers the advantage of being able to charge your device while offering playback at the same time. Mini Hi-Fi Systems offer a range of inputs to connect external devices, allowing you to use your system to listen to these sources. This allows you to connect a range of products such as DVD players, games consoles, Blu Ray players etc. to your system and enjoy high quality audio.

Karaoke machines will liven up any night in. The latest models are Bluetooth-compatible and perfect for duets. We’ve even got portable battery-powered versions: just the thing for family holidays. Pack your alarm clock radio so you can wake up to the sounds of sweet music, too. Some of the latest models even offer a gradual fade bedtime listening mode to help you drift off at night.

One advantage to purchasing a Mini Hi-Fi Systems is that it allows you to use whatever speakers you like. Not only does this allow you to use any existing equipment or speakers you may have, but it also permits you to upgrade your system in the future or build the ideal setup by matching quality speakers with the receiver unit. Traditionally micro systems and mini systems would include speakers, either hard-wired into the main receiver or using a bespoke connection option preventing the use of your own speakers or existing equipment. Some of the systems we sell do include speakers, typically designed to match your system in sound. These can be replaced in the future if required.

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