Centre Speakers

Best centre speakers for sale in 2019

There is no more important speaker to your surround sound system than your center channel. It’s the speaker that holds the rest of the system together. All of your dialogue comes from this speaker and that means you want to have the best quality speaker you can find to get the clearest experience possible. If you can’t understand the words, the rest is irrelevant.

When building that perfect home theatre, a lot of focus and attention must be paid to your centre channel speaker, the cornerstone and workhorse of today’s cutting-edge home theatre system. Moving down its long list of duties, TechnoVolume centre channel speakers take charge and reproduce dialogue in a movie or multi-channel music in stunning detail and clarity, putting your favourite characters’ voice centre stage for a true surround sound experience. For a seamless soundstage that covers the front of your room smoothly, choose a centre channel that closely matches your front right and left channels to replicate every last nuance of sound.

Using today’s most advanced speaker technologies and materials, the PSB collection of centre channel speakers offers a much smoother and extended frequency response that will go far beyond what you’re used to hearing from centre speaker designs. Each horizontal dual-woofer design, outfitted with highly advanced metallic dome tweeters and specially-designed drivers, is beautifully engineered into a series of sleek cabinet designs for easy placement under today’s flattest and slimmest high definition displays.

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