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Best speaker packages 2019

At TechnoVolume, we believe world-class audio experiences should be within everyone’s reach. Our speaker and subwoofer packages refute the notion that exceptional sound quality has to be outrageously expensive.

Surround sound is the ultimate immersive home audio experience for movies, music, TV and gaming. SVS makes it easy to choose the perfect head-spinning, jaw-dropping surround sound home theater with our pre-set speaker packages.

Buying a speaker package has many advantages.

Firstly, you will ensure that your speaker system will have a consistent sound all around the room.

All makes of speakers will sound slightly different to each other. They will have contrasting tones and will reproduce high and low frequencies differently.

Therefore, in a surround sound system where the soundtrack is spread around the speakers in the room, it is beneficial to have speakers with a similar sound working together.

If not, you may be distracted by the sound changing slightly as a sound effect or dialogue is panned between speakers.

For instance, the sound of someone speaking may start in the center speaker, but then move to the front right speaker as the camera angle changes.

If your center and front left/right speakers sound slightly different to each other, then it may sound strange when the same voice switches to another speaker.

The consistency of a speaker package is also important when you think of other variables in speaker design.

When choosing speakers there are a number of technical things to consider such as speaker power rating, speaker impedance matching and speaker sensitivity – as well as the design or look of the speakers.

In a speaker system package, you can be confident that all these factors will be consistent, and therefore it saves you the problem of matching all these things speaker by speaker.

This is the main advantage of a speaker package, you get a consistent look and sound – as you can see with the Pioneer SP-PK52FS 5.1 home theater speaker package pictured above – and get a good match for your amplifier with the minimum effort on your part.

Just to be clear, we are mainly talking here about speaker packages which include the speakers only – and you would connect them to a separate av receiver or amplifier.

However, the principles are still the same if you buy a home theater in a box system which includes the amplifier and speakers.

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