BlueAnt Embrace


Tech Specs

  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Max Power: 15mW
  • Driver Diameter: 40mm
  • Cable with Apple Remote and OMTP adapter
  • Straight through cable
  • Folding Design
  • Lightweight conforming foam ear pads for hours of wearing comfort
  • Carry Case
  • 1 Year Warranty


Highly optimized drivers for pure and detailed sound. Minimum compression and distortion: the ultimate flat frequency response. Noise isolating design. Maximum comfort for extended listening. Premium leather and metal materials for a truly refined look. Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad. Cable with integrated Remote Control and Microphone. Additional standard straight-through’ audio cable included. Flat folding design for convenient storage. Stylish carry case included.

Listen to your media across a variety of devices and platforms with the BlueAnt Embrace Stereo Headphones. Great for those on the go, Embrace Headphones allow you to take and make calls, switch tracks, change volume, and choose content all without having to take your phone out of your pocket or bag.The integrated in-line remote control and microphone is made for iPod, iPhone and iPad, and the Embrace is also supplied with an OMTP adapter to expand microphone and remote support to other devices. A standard straight-through cable is also included to ensure compatibility with any device featuring an audio headphone socket.

The BlueAnt Embrace features sealed leather pads to keep out unwanted noise. Combined with custom-tuned high performance drivers, the Embrace preserves audio detail and range to keep music sounding rich and pure,no matter where you are. It also offers personal EQ settings to match your listening preferences.


Build quality is also very good. The visible parts of the headband are finished in brushed, anodised aluminium, the rotation mechanism that lets you fold the earcups flat uses strong steel, while the earcups themselves have a lovely soft touch matt plastic finish, and both the headband and earcups are finished in leather covered memory foam – you certainly feel like you’re getting your monies worth.

There are some nice subtle touches too. The cable is removable, with two options included in the box: one black plain cable and a blue one that incorporates an iPhone remote (volume, play/pause, skip track, take call) with a decent mic – both are finished with angled 3.5mm jack plugs.

Also included is an OMTP adapter. This makes these headphones and remote compatible with handsets that use the OMTP headset standard, such as the Samsung Galaxy S. The only slight downside is that the socket on the headphones is actually a 2.5mm one so more common 3.5mm to 3.5mm cables can’t be used as replacements.

Go to fold the earcups flat and that steel mechanism helps the cups on their way by springing into place as you rotate them. We’re often amused by the idea of someone actually folding up and bagging their headphones when out and about, as they invariably still remain rather bulky, but at least Blueant has done its darndest to make this a viable option by supplying a plush leather carry case. You still end up with a rather large package to fit in your hand luggage but it’s as good an effort as we’ve seen for a proper pair of headphones.

BlueAnt Embrace – Performance

Overall, we enjoyed the neutral sound profile of the Embrace that allows the production qualities to shine, as opposed to the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre that over-emphasize low frequencies and give off a lopsided bass boost. More eclectic music fans and musicians themselves will prefer the Embrace’s balanced, even-sounding tones – and by that, we mean they don’t overemphasize specific sonic profile.

The bass is deep and well defined, the midrange is clear, transparent, and dynamic, and the treble is not harsh or too bright. In short, these are natural-sounding headphones that are for people who listen to all kinds of music. We’re also impressed at their open-air quality that gives the illusion of three-dimensional sound; in other words, melodies don’t sound canned or restricted to inside the head.

Make no mistake, the BlueAnt Embrace headphones have a laid-back profile and therefore aren’t for everyone. If you like headphones with a more aggressive sound that emphasize more bass, the Embrace probably isn’t going to cut it for you. The Bose OE headphones will sound more in line with your tastes.


  • Precision Design, Superior Style
  • Enjoy quality sound with premium materials including brushed aluminum and leather
  • Signature blue BlueAnt cord