Earphones Audiolab M-EAR 2D


Tech Specs

– Config: 2 bal armature drivers
– Crossover: Two-way system
– Noise isolation: -26dB
– Freq response: 20Hz-20kHz
– Impedance: 112 Ohms (@1kHz)
– Out (Sensivity): 112dB @ 0.1V (1kHz)
– Cable: 1.45m detachable
– In-line microphone: SiSonic MEMS
– Weight: 20g

– 6 memory foam ear tips
– carrying case

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Audiolab M-EAR 2D Earphones result from the brand’s partnering with IEM specialists ACS to help bring the M-EAR to the high-end market.

Audiolab Legacy

Audiolab is renowned for its hi-fi components, particularly amplifiers, CD players and DACs including the Award-winning M-DAC. Headphones are new territory for the British brand but if their previous products are anything to go by, these new M-Ear earphones are set to be a hugely successful and popular range.

M-Ear Series

Aimed at the higher end of the market, The Audiolab M-EAR 2D and M-EAR 4D are landmark products in the company’s catalogue. ACS, who were drafted in by Audiolab for the design of their first headphones, is renowned for making in-ear monitors across a range of industries including live music, broadcasting and motorsports.

IRIS Technology – Audiolab M-EAR 2D

Both M-EAR models feature ACS’s patent-pending IRIS (Intelligent Resonance In Silicone) technology, created to maximise the musical potential of balanced armature drivers. IRIS construction methods allow precise acoustic tuning, fusing the crisp, open detail that characterises high-performance balanced armature IEMs with a musical warmth and fluidity that other manufacturers fail to match. Additionally, the M-EAR 4D incorporates a ported balanced armature design for the bass drivers, with a cavity in the silicone that is precisely balanced to the driver – this is unique to ACS.

Sound Stage Imaging

Another ACS feature integrated in both Audiolab M-EAR 2D models is SSI (Sound Stage Imaging); a tuning technique derived from ACS’s purpose-designed manifold technology. This widens the soundstage and creates more space around individual instruments and voices, enhancing sonic definition and the feeling of being present at a live musical performance. The result, in the case of the Audiolab M-EAR 2D, is a pair of discrete IEMs delivering taut, punchy bass, captivating midrange clarity and crisp, clean high-frequency detail, with no harmonic interference.


There’s also an in-line microphone for hands-free calling, which is designed to work well in noisy environments. The 2D come with a 1.45m detachable cable, six pairs of memory-foam ear tips in three different sizes, and a carry case.