Headphones Abyss AB-1266 Phi


Tech Specs

– Frequency Response: 5 Hz to 28 KHz
– Impedance: 46 ohms nominal (non-reactive)
– Sensitivity: 85 dB
– Distortion: Less than 1%; Less than 0.2% through ears most sensitive range
– Weight: 660 grams (without cable)



Abyss AB-1266 – A less expensive alternative to the Deluxe Abyss Headphones Package, this is the latest Phi (mkII) version of these incredibly impressive Abyss headphones. If you don’t need the leather case and stand included with deluxe, you can proudly own one of the finest headphones we’ve ever heard.

Designed by Audiophiles

Widely regarded as the apex of modern headphone technology, the Abyss AB-1266 planar magnetic headphones provide the finest quality and best possible sound. A result of two intense years of graft, relentless dedication and perfectionism, the AB-1266 headphones were designed by perceptive audiophiles as a compact solution to superior music listening experiences whilst on the road.

Pure Unadulterated Sound

With a deep awareness of the emotional connection between an audiophile and their music, the Abyss team developed the headphones without any electronic tricks or unnecessary additions in order to give unadulterated sound in its purest form. Using the highly revered Stax SR-009 as the model to surpass, the engineers concentrated on enhancing the resolution, focus, dynamics and frequency extension as well as offering general ease of use.

Attention to Detail

To achieve this, components machined from solid aluminium were used along with a low carbon steel front baffle and remarkably soft lambskin pads. Unlike most other driver assemblies, the Abyss AB-1266 do not use a rear magnet structure eliminating reflections for the driver diaphragm and providing a stiff, stable and resonance free mounting platform for these drivers.

The black metal frames, fully adjustable and shaped like an inverted ‘U’, are inflexible and sturdy which gives a comfortably and secure fitting.

Flawlessly Immersive Sound

Soundwise, it is the closest listener’s can get to being in the same room as the band and this experience is present even on the road. Crystalline highs, detailed mid ends and a deep, full-bodied base are perfectly balanced assured to win over even the most hardened sceptics within the first listen.

Delivering absolute transparency and terrific sound straight from the box, the Abyss AB-1266 headphones do not require any ‘breaking in’ that many high-end headphones do. They acheive flawless sound from the very first listen.