Headphones Ultrasone Edition 12


Tech Specs

Technology: S-Logic Plus Technology
Dynamic Principle: Open
Frequency Range: 6 – 42000Hz
Impedance: 40 Ohm
SPL: 99dB
Materials: MU Metal bufferboard, reduced field emissions in accordance with ULE standard; 40 mm gold-plated driver; Magnet NdFeB
Weight: 282g (excl. cord)
Cord length: 3m
Cable: Aramid fiber enhanced Silver plated high-flex cable (OFC 99.99 % pure copper)
Plug: 6.3 mm, gold-plated plug



The Ultrasone Edition 12 Headphones are a luxurious open-back design, crafted from premium materials, and offering an immense, three-dimensional soundstage and accurate tonal representation, presenting all your music in a rich, lifelike way. The Edition 12 and equipped with hand-selected, gold-plated transducers, selected with care, and delivering an imposing spatial quality with velvety trebles, balanced midranges and rich, dynamic bass.
The Ultrasone Edition 12 are built with the finest materials, including ultra-soft Ethiopian long-haired sheep leather and aluminium for the headband. This sophisticated, premium design couples with the incredible sound, which is aided by the use of S-Logic technology, giving the Edition 12 a rich and expansive soundstage.

S-Logic Natural Surround Sound – To hear is like to see: 3-dimensional

S-Logic sends music around your head not just into it, because this technology uses decentralized driver positioning. Did you know that you use and need the outer ear for your three-dimensional understanding to define the direction and distance where a sound comes from?
Instead of hitting the inner ear directly, with S-Logic the signals are reflected off the surface of the outer ear in different directions before entering the auditory canal to create a natural three-dimensional Sound. S-Logic is the only headphone system which includes your entire sense of hearing.

S-Logic does not change your personal hearing, it intensifies it for your individual needs and listening pleasure. S-Logic does neither need artificial echo nor digital sound processing or cross over run time delay. You can hear the sound just the way the sound engineer has mastered it.

Ultrasone edition 12

Premium Design and Sophisticated Materials in Ultrasone Edition 12

The head pad of the aluminium headband specially designed by Ultrasone for Editions is covered with the expensive dark grey leather of the Ethiopian long-haired sheep. This high-quality leather provides the softest, smoothest wearer quality. The ear pads are covered with specially selected, very fine microvelour.

This ultra-soft material blends sleekly into the airy sound reproduction. The ear cups of the Edition 12 have a matte chrome finish and are decorated with specially produced aluminium inlays. The overall selection of materials emphasises the openness of these headphones and flatters the eye on first sight.