GrandView Cyber Electric 16:9




GrandView Cyber Electric for Home Cinema – With a four layer structure comprising PVC and Fiberglass, the stretchness is kept at less than 1% which ensures long-lasting flatness. Sophisticated images are engraved using optical microgroove on the surface with resolution more than 125 line pairs per mm to guarantee the sharpness of the projected images.
Color Accuracy is acheived by evenly distributing the reflection light with less than 60K difference between incident angle and reflection angle. The wide color gamut features high contrast processment while maintaining the accuracy and range in colours to provide a more vivid image.

GrandView Cyber Electric – Electric Screen

GrandView Cyber Electric features an in-line switch with direct control and high stability along with an optional IR/RF remote control. The tubular motor offers smooth operation, accurate positioning and low noise. It is also durable for frequent use.

Standard Accessories

Manual Screen Wall Mount Ceiling Mount Celing Hang Floating Bracket Fasten Screw

Universal Bracket

Suitable for either wall mount, ceiling mount or ceiling hang. The bracket GrandView Cyber Electric can slide horizontally at the back of the casing to match different installation positions.