QED Airloc Spade Plug




QED Airloc banana plug termination service for any QED speaker cable – price is $30 for a single length (2 plugs to 2 plugs), $47 for a pair (each 2 plugs to 2 plugs), $60 for biwire pair (each 2 plugs to 4 plugs) or $90 for biamp pair (4 plugs to 4 plugs), which works out to around $5 per plug with labour included (which can take upto 2 hours per pair!)

You can order this termination with an order for any QED speaker cable. Termination of a pair means we cut the ordered length of speaker cable in half unless otherwise specified. For example, order termination with 8m of speaker cable and we terminate a 4m pair, order 20m of speaker cable and we terminate a 10m pair. If any other configuration is required, please call to order.

The QED Airloc plugs by QED are a huge jump up in quality than most cheaper banana plugs which often use a low purity alloy with minimal gold content to plate a brass base material. The QED Airlocs are a convenient and robust connection to your speakers or equipment – less of the actual copper cable wire exposed to the air.

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Airloc Spade Plug
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