Mission LX-1


Tech Specs

  • Freq Response (Hz): 65 – 20,000
  • Impedance (ohms): 6
  • Power Rating (Watts): 80
  • Sensitivity (dB): 87
  • Speaker Dimensions WxDxH (mm): 260 x 160 x 235
  • Speaker Enclosure Type: Bass reflex
  • Weight (KG): 4.3
  • Brand: Mission


Mission LX-1 bookshelf speakers are a two-way model, combining the Mission 25mm Tweeter with a mid/bass driver. In keeping with the LX Series speakers range, this model reflects Mission’s dedication to creating sleek aesthetics and vibrant sound performance.

Mission speakers have been around since before the dinosaurs roamed this great planet. Well, probably not quite that long but they’ve been around for as long as I can remember. We often get customers coming into stores mentioning that the first pair of loud speakers they ever owned were a set of Missions. This could be a few years, or maybe even decades ago, so it’s fair to say they’ve got a history of making good quality speakers.

So what about something a bit more present day? Well we’ve got something smaller and compact from Mission in our stores now in the LX1 speaker which is what I have in front of me ready to go.

Mission LX-1 for sale

To look at they’re not over imposing but they have that distinct look to them which has become synonymous with Mission speakers in recent years. In fact they look just like a smaller version of Mission’s fantastic LX2 speakers. I guess if something’s good – and the LX2s are – then why change it? If the smaller LX1’s performance is anywhere like that of their bigger brother then we will have a real treat on our hands.

Before we have a listen I just want to mention the finishes that these come in. I have the white ones in front of me here but you can also get these in walnut and black as well. A nice little touch that should enable them to suit any home decor.

Anyway… enough of how they’ve look. Let’s see how they perform.

I’m using the award-winning Denon DM41 mini hi-fi system here as, due to the their diminutive size, I think the LX1s are going to be perfect for the type of environment where a mini-system is necessary.

And what a great little pair of speakers these are! I don’t say this lightly but for the size and price, I don’t think I’ve heard much better. Whether it’s music streamed via Bluetooth or spinning a good old CD, the Mission LX1’s are coping admirably. Everything is neat and clean and there’s a surprising amount of bass present. It’s not overpowering bass though as tracks play effortlessly and even if I crank the volume up a bit, there’s still an element of control I usually don’t see at this value. They really are fantastic and well worth a listen. Especially if space is at a premium but you still don’t want to miss out on that all important sound quality that you crave.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Noise

To prevent the annoyance of unwanted noise, the designers at Mission implemented extensive research and development to ensure internal cabinet robustness, eliminating any unwanted cabinet resonance and vibrations. The cabinet within each speaker has been braced at key points to ensure that the full frequency range is clear and detailed.

The Importance of Positioning

Typical of Mission’s innovative vision, the LX-1’s tweeter is positioned below the mid/bass drive unit, in order to aid time alignment. As the treble unit dome is physically forward of the mid/bass unit cone, the difference in path length helps to equalise the acoustic distance.

Acute Attention to Detail

Mission’s extremely consistent manufacturing process is reflected in the high quality performance of the LX-1 Speakers.

Mission LX-1 – Innovative Driver Design

Advanced fibre formulation with self-damping qualities is used to craft midrange and mid/bass drivers. With the use of a powerful ferrite magnet, the magnetic field is directed precisely within the area of voice coil excursion, enabling an ultra-linear performance that minimises colouration.